Friday, February 24, 2012

Chemistry – Iron and steel… and Vikings?! (pt 1)

We made a video for chemistry, and this is the outcome. We dealt with extraction, production, history, uses and… VIKINGS! NON-SWEDISH PEOPLE: the subtitles aren’t in very good syncronization. I will sync it better during the weekend. The people in the group either wrote down information about their specific areas, or recorded themselves speaking, audio or video, to be edited by me. It was supposed to be around 7 minutes, this one is over 18! Because YouTube doesn’t support videos longer than 11 minutes, I had to split it into two parts, the second part is coming up soon today (that’s also where the Vikings are, so you know you want to see it)! Credits: Joel Hagroth: editor, video, audio – Swedish/Viking history and more Måns Åberg: video, audio – uses/properties/chemistry (Månsshow) Björn Alvinge: video, audio – history in general Love Wahlström: video, audio – extraction/chemistry (intro) Tobias Unger Ahr: information – uses/samurai history Hampus Lindberg: information – cast iron Most of it was recorded and edited 2010-02-17 – 2010-02-23, however several edits were made afterwards. Cameras used were Panasonic Lumix DMC FX-35 (Månsshow), Sony Handycam DCR-SX31 (Björn) and Pentax Optio M30. It was made in Macromedia Fireworks (images, both visual and for green screen) and edited in Magix Music Maker 10 deluxe and converted to a 640×480 resolution 25 fps Windows Media Video. Thanks for watching! ————————— YouTube channels: Joel Hagroth

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