Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Global financial crisis, China Shipbuilding

Global financial crisis, China Shipbuilding – the financial crisis, the shipping industry – machine tools industry

2008 difficult to predict the risk of incoming, in September, the U.S. financial crisis has rapidly spread to the world as a scourge, full outbreak of the global financial crisis, the stock market crash! Market Crash! Commodity market crash! Global financial crisis! With the U.S. financial crisis facing SMEs in China have closed, imports and exports, the automotive industry, textile industry, Deng June severe blow by the U.S. financial crisis. China’s shipbuilding industry, the “Made in China” the pillars of the financial crisis, a severe winter. Shipbuilding is a typical combination of military and civilian industries, not just China’s modernization of industry and a catalyst for job creation, it is China’s efforts to be a naval power, is a key stepping stone. The ship has a longer history in China, according to historical records: “Boats of the best in Jiangxi Sheng”, far away in the Qin and Han dynasties, from the activities of peasant uprisings and Fan Qin frequent wars and people’s need, and so that the origin of the ships and people will increasingly intensify. After the completion of the new China, China’s shipbuilding industry has made significant progress and become one of the main north-south grain of the market. Since 20 Century, the global express market recovery has it been lack of capacity, a significant increase in the tariffs, the main shipping lines start mass customized ships. EU trade data show that China in 2002, a new ship in the world produces 13%, in 2005 China’s shipbuilding output reached 12th 12 million dwt, what the world’s market share rose to 17%. In view of China Shipbuilding Industry Association data, the first half of this year shipbuilding capacity of 10 24 million dwt, up 36%; handheld shipbuilding orders 192.17 million dwt, an increase of 82%. Orders from the current hand held, despite the U.S. subprime crisis, but the increase in China’s shipbuilding industry is still to be derived over a period of 2011, the total of large shipbuilding in China three categories of first place in the world.

 A boat in the water from order to delivery usually takes 3-4 years, the U.S. point of view is most seriously affected by the subprime crisis period in the next three four years ago to an end. 50s of last century in the United Kingdom is the world’s oldest shipping, in 1956, Japan more than in the UK, the year 2002 to replace, Japan, South Korea rank first date. China’s shipbuilding output for the next three years will continue to grow at a rate of 35%, by 2013 China will become the country’s largest shipbuilding. The decline in demand in the global context, the current situation, worrying China’s shipbuilding industry, banks and other financial institutions have attract, reduce the risk of a mortgage bond “precedent” not only for the building or ship East Pfandbrief issued by the test for the cautious, but also increases the threshold for bond issues. While the domestic stock market and the global stock market downturn, a number of domestic private enterprises and joint-venture ship, the original IPO (IPO) plan setbacks. 2 “ribbon” on the development of the domestic shipping of some private enterprises and joint-venture shipping enterprise is bound plans IPO setback. Jiangsu Pacific Shipbuilding Group Take it has, so far, the company plans IPO postponed. Jiangsu Pacific Shipbuilding Group is the world’s ocean engineering vessel production companies, according to the relevant responsible person of the company, said in March this year in the market of Jiangsu shipbuilding plant on the Pacific orientation, initial public offering of $ 660,000,000, as lift a measure of the costs indicators for key commodities Baltic Dry Index (BDI) has in the past year more than in the Pacific increased shipbuilding plan doubled, you have to catch in the Baltic index in the vicinity of the historic high, to make money before increase. However, BDI of 20 May this year, the highest point of 11 793 points and fell to 24 October of 1102 points, more than five months to 90th 6% decrease. Shows that the financial crisis on China’s shipbuilding industry after the crisis. But China’s shipbuilding industry aging equipment, reverse engineering, shipbuilding single model to reduce the cost of an upgrade, the industry profit downturn, China’s shipbuilding industry and it is no small risk. The first half of this year to deliver due to the significant growth in shipbuilding capacity, deck machinery, rudder, propellers, valves, gears, low-speed crankshaft and a variety of products appeared to outperform, “Boot-machine” situation is also relatively more. Despite the global shipbuilding companies are ordering new ships of the declining face, but also means new ships come the end of peak demand in the thriving ship repair. Diesel crankshaft, cylinder block, cylinder head, connecting rods, camshaft five parts machining, heat treatment, the need for vertical crank CNC lathe, CNC vertical lathes and CNC milling and drilling Floor weiter so. Therefore, rapid growth of shipbuilding, marine equipment manufacturing for the machine tool industry has brought new opportunities and challenges. The rapid development of the shipbuilding industry needs and the machine tool industry, “dance” before the financial crisis seems to make everything so smoothly. But the shipping industry, the arrival of winter to an undeniable fact, the economic downturn effect on the machine tool industry has only the beginning, in the face of the financial crisis and the brutal market environment, China’s machine tool business, how to cultivate inner strength, and their ability to risks to resist. “When winter comes, can spring be far behind?” “A cold snap, when the open plum?” Perhaps the answer lies deep within you heart, perhaps we all know, and I have no answer.

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